Hello amazing people!

As the title of this post states, our 100th episode is fast approaching and we want YOU to participate in it! How you may ask? Well…:

1. If you have a song you would like to hear that symbolises this milestone or songs close to that theme, send us the song title and artist. And don’t forget to mention that it is for the special.
2. Either write or record a personal message to show your support for the show. If you will send us an audio clip of your beautiful voices, we request that you keep the recording to a maximum of 40 seconds.

You can do one or both, either way it would mean a lot if you all participated ^^ Email you personal message and/or recording to elizabeth@ktop10.org. We will stop receiving requests, messages, and recordings on Sunday, September 4 at 11:50PM EST. So get on this project ASAP if you want to be part of this special with us ;D

This isn’t just our (the staff) special. It’s also YOUR special as you all have have helped us get to this point in the podcast’s history! You all continued to and still support us and we love you all and thank you for that

Also, if you would like to join our team, we have TWO open hosting positions. If you are interested and/or want more details, click here: http://mti.show/join-us/