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List of Songs Played

Episode 168: KTop 10 Highlight January 2019 Countdown Catch Up

Listen here:

Host: Jeremy

1. 이 노래가 클럽에서 나온다면 (Fire Up) – Woody

2. 넘쳐흘러 (After You’ve Gone) – MC The Max

3. 벌써 12시 (Gotta Go) – Chung Ha

4. 신청곡 (Song Request) Feat. Suga of BTS/Bulltproof Boy Scouts – Lee So Ra

5. 180도 (180°) – Ben

6. 초록빛 (Traffic Light) – Paul Kim

7. 띵 (Dding) – Jvcki Wai, Young B, Osshun Gum, and Han Yo Han

8. Solo – Jennie of BLACKPINK

9. 하은 (Ha Eun) – Yong Jae of 4MEN

10. Millions – WINNER

11. 아낙네 (Fiancé) – Min Ho of WINNER

12. 너를 만나 (Me After You) – Paul Kim

13. 너도 그냥 날 놓아주면 돼 (Just Let Me Go) – Yoon Gun

14. Yes Or Yes – TWICE

15. 첫눈에 (First Sight) – Heize

Extra #1: 가시나 (Gashina) – Sun Mi – Song request from Ameenah

Extra #2: Dreams Come True – S.E.S.