A little about myself:

I met Producer Jack through nursing classes. He later asked if I wanted to be a host for KTop 10 and I accepted the position with the biggest smile on my face 😀 I am currently the head of KTop 10 (or you can call me the “manager”) and occasionally, you can find me hosting an episode on the show as well. I started listening K-Pop in 2009 and have been up to date with current K-Pop releases to jam out to everyday. I study nursing and use K-Pop as my daily de-stress outlet and source of joy when I have free time after saving the world : ) Jokes, just assignments and midterms squared. My likes include all types of music, mostly K-Pop, singing, horror movies, and Running Man.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ehlilizzie

Tumblr: http://ehli.tumblr.com/

E-mail: elizabeth@ktop10.mymti.org