Update June 11, 2016: We are now on Mixcloud! Listen to Mixcloud either online at https://www.mixcloud.com/ktop10/ or download their app for iOS/Android to hear us! This would mean that if you listen to us from Mixcloud, we would continuously make sure our feeds are working and up to date (along with other locations including as iTunes/Google Play Music/Stitcher/TuneIn). Our TuneIn page has also been fixed and is currently up to date with the latest episodes.

Update May 23, 2016: We recently moved our podcast episodes to another hosting server as there were numerous issues in our previous server. This new server is much more reliable and issues with buffering and skipping certain parts of an episode should be resolved with this new server. If you are experiencing any listening or downloading problems, please re-subscribe to us on iTunes (delete your current subscription then subscribe to our iTunes page again). For more information about overall issues with listening and downloading, please read below.

In addition, we are now on the Google Play Music application! If you are on your Android device, check out our podcast on the Google Play Music application. It is important to note that Google Play Music podcasts are only available to users in Canada and United States at the current moment, according to Google. Thus, if you are unable to access our podcast using their application, this may be the reason why. We apologize for all our listeners outside of those 2 countries; hopefully Google will make a change of heart and open up podcasts to users worldwide.


Recently, we’ve been getting messages from our listeners that some are unable to download our show either from iTunes or a third party software that they use to listen to our show. Let us comprehensively explain why this is happening and what steps you can take to resolve it.

The problem is related to our recent change in our RSS feed (which is a link that sources the episodes on the softwares that syndicate our podcast, ie. iTunes). We changed our RSS feed because we had a recent switch of podcasting providers. However, we did not move our podcasting channels on iTunes or elsewhere; they remained intact. We notified only 3 providers in the change of our RSS feed; they are TuneIn Radio, iTunes and Stitcher. These service providers did not change our podcasting page; they only modified the feed our podcasting page linked towards.

The core of problems from iTunes listeners stems from the fact that you had a subscription to our podcast before we changed RSS feeds and since you haven’t modified your subscription to our show, you aren’t able to listen or download new episodes. This meant that your subscription is still linked to our previous RSS feed, which is gone (or dead) now. The fix on iTunes is extremely simple. Delete your current subscription to our podcast, then re-subscribe to us on the same iTunes page from before (search us up on iTunes if you don’t have it). You will then be linked to our current RSS feed and iTunes will automatically download new episodes that appear. If this does not show up new episodes, try to close iTunes (or the podcast app) and restart the app, then go through the steps outlined here. If you tried that and new episodes are not appearing on iTunes, contact us at info@jtop10.jp for support. We may forward your concerns to Apple for further mediation as we do not have the technical expertise to resolve all issues on iTunes regarding our podcast.

If your having issues getting new episodes on either TuneIn or Stitcher, please also try to delete your current subscription to our podcast (that would mean stop following us on TuneIn then going back to our page to follow us again) and you should then see the new episodes appear. Again, if that does not work, please try closing the app and restarting it. If that still doesn’t show new episodes, then please email us at info@jtop10.jp. We may forward your concerns to TuneIn or Stitcher for further mediation if we do not end up being able to resolve your problems.

We also have noticed that episodes on TuneIn sometimes show up as “We’re sorry. An error has occurred with this stream. Please try later”. This often happens if you transition from listening to another show on iTunes and then to ours. The fix is also very simple. Just close the app fully (removing it from the background) then restart the app and go straight to listening to our show. We are not sure why this is happening, but it seems to relate with our podcasting provider.

Lastly, if you are on a third party application that we do not directly send our RSS feeds to (so not TuneIn, Stitcher or iTunes) and you are not seeing the latest episodes of our podcast, then you will have to contact the application’s support team and tell them to update their RSS feed to our podcast page. The link to our RSS feed is: http://simplecast.com/podcasts/2396/rss. We are unable to further mediate any changes on these third party application as they recieve their feed of our show from one of our originally sourced providers, either iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn.

We are still trying to move to a better podcasting provider as the current one we use has a lot of issues, as seen by some of the issues listed above. However we lack the funds to move to a more reliable podcasting provider so we would really appreciate if you can help donate to our show.  We’ll even throw in a free KTop 10 t-shirt if you donate a certain amount. For more information including the button to donate, please see here: http://ktop10.org/2016/01/05/get-a-free-ktop-10-t-shirt/

Thanks to everyone for your continued patronage to our podcast and listening to our show.

-Producer Jack May 5, 2016.