Overall changes within the podcast and staff

//Overall changes within the podcast and staff

Overall changes within the podcast and staff

Hey everyone, Elizabeth here!

I just wanted to update you all on some changes that have occurred within the past few weeks of the new year.

We’re back to our regular bi-weekly schedule. As for temporary changes with our schedule, our specials will be released in a bi-monthly basis to accommodate our schedules. Please stay will us while we undergo and adjust to these changes in our schedules.

We’ve also had a few changes to our staff line-up as well. Unfortunately, Izzy has left due to personal reasons. So please look out for her if she decides to come back and work with us in the future. But when the bad comes, it needs to be reciprocated with good. With this, I am pleased to announce that we have a new addition to our family. This person is Gabbie! Please look out for her also as she grows with us. She will be responsible for internal jobs for now, but later, maybe sooner, she’ll be able to host and you’ll be able to hear her passion and love for K-Pop ^^

Thank you all for continuing to listen to us, sending us song requests, and communicating with us.

Take care and much love <3

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I met Producer Jack through nursing classes. He later asked if I wanted to be a host for KTop 10 and I accepted the position with the biggest smile on my face ? I started listening K-Pop in 2009 and have been up to date with current K-Pop releases to jam out to everyday. I study nursing and use K-Pop as my daily distress outlet and source of joy when I have free time after saving the world : ) Jokes, just assignments and midterms squared. My likes include all types of music, mostly K-Pop, singing, horror movies, and Running Man.