Hello and greetings lovely listeners,

As of today, Shane has resigned his post as a full-time host on KTop10 to completely focus on his hosting on JTop10, our sister show. So if you would like to continue to listen to Shane’s quirkiness, you can follow him there ^^ BUT, I promise it won’t be his last episode here you guys. I’ll force him to… I mean… I’ll invite him to join as a co-host on a future KTop10 episode if and when he’s willing too (: Or if you guys miss hearing his voice on KTop10, send an email and we’ll make his voice make a reappearance.

With Shane’s departure, it’s not all sad news! With, this, I am pleased to announce that KTop10 will welcome a new, full-time host named… DRUM ROLL PLEASE *multiple drum rolls sound in the background*… Mary! Please welcome her and accept her with open arms, and maybe candy, and other sweet things, and maybe more junk food as we all start off as a bundle of nerves when we take part in something new. Trust me, I know how it feels! She has a good knowledge base on the Korean music scene and the artists and I know she will rock it when the hosting mic is passed to her (Y) So my dear listeners, put your ear out and watch out for an upcoming episode with her voice in it!

That’s all for now!