Hi everyone!

Hope all of you are having an awesome week so far! Also, for those of you getting close to reading week in colleges and universities, enjoy it and don’t work too hard ;D As you can tell by the title, we will have a schedule change. We’re currently providing you all episodes every week, but this will change to every other week or bi-weekly. The reason for this is because the majority of our staff are currently in university with loads of school work and have many commitments on top of that as well. This makes it difficult to bring you episodes every week. So we apologize for the inconvenience, for not being able to keep up with our schedule, and not being able to bring you K-Pop music every week like we used to. But don’t worry, this is not set in stone. It will change in the upcoming future when we are on vacation or have extra time on our hands, such as this upcoming December.

Thank you all for being loyal and so supportive of our show. Love you all!