Update October 5, 2016: Our Google Play Podcast page has been fully fixed. You can check us out by clicking here.


Hey guys, so after we noticed that our episodes were not being updated on Google Play, we directly contacted Google and our podcast provider to shed some light into why this was the case. The situation has not been fully resolved and is a technical error possibly on Google’s side. However, recently our latest episodes have shown up on Google Play, though 2 current episodes remain missing. We aren’t fully sure if these 2 missing episodes will be back, but we do hope that Google and our podcast provider can work mutually together to resolve this issue.

And we want to give props to our podcast provider, Omny Studio, for their continued excellent customer support around this issue. We highly recommend our listeners to check them out if anyone is interested in starting their own podcast show. Check them out by clicking here.

You can still find us on the Google Play Store by clicking here.

The two missing episodes can be found here (click on the title to open and listen to the episode on a new tab):

We apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused to our listeners. Please remember our show continues to properly update on popular apps including iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Mixcloud and many many more!

Thank you for listening and your patronage to our show! Remember, you can help us improve our show by donating to our show!


-Producer Jack, September 28, 2016.