Whooot! Finally the much awaited special has come… well part of it Dx I apologize for not giving you all the full episode, but school is a huge factor on how and when these episodes are produced. Don’t fear though, I promise the next part or parts will make their appearance in the future ^^

For part 1 of the men of the Big 3, we present the musical talents of BIGBANG! I tried include some popular songs as well as some underrated songs to please your ears for the week. Hopefully you’re all satisfied with the song choices in this episode. If I missed your favourite, I apologize! I can’t please everyone, but hopefully I got most of the songs you guys thought of.

Also a correction for Dae Sung’s solo song, I ended up finding the Korean version. So yeah… don’t stone me D:

And and if you want to read about some highlights from the MADE Tour in Toronto, here’s a site: http://www.ksoulmag.com/2015/10/big-bang-made-world-tour-toronto/

I would have done a write up of my experience from the concert, but I think this blog covers the main points.

Host: Elizabeth

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