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A little about myself:

Hi my name is Zilin! I’m one of your on-air hosts for KTop 10. A fun fact that you may have not known about me is that I guest hosted on an episode when Producer Jack first started podcasting back in the summer of 2008. I started on our now defunct sister show, MTI Countdowns back in early 2015 and eventually moved over to KTop 10 to explore the world of K-Pop! I’ve known Producer Jack since we were kids and we used to create YouTube videos together back in 2006 (before Producer Jack started the podcast) and they were certainly a lot of fun to do (though I cringe each time I watch them). I do listen to pop music, however I usually prefer the edm remixes of said music. My all time favorite pop singer is Lady Gaga.

Email: zilin@ktop10.org