This time around, we are making this giveaway easier for our listeners! We have asked a question for you all to answer from each episode, and you will give us your answers in the question box on this page.

One lucky listener who completes this survey will receive a FREE BTS poster from their 2020 Map of Seoul concert tour!
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We ask all participants to read our privacy policy before completing this giveaway, as it applies to this giveaway and this website as well. Click here to read our privacy policy.

The purpose of the survey is to:

  1. Gain insight into the demographics of our current listeners of our podcast show and curate needs to the demographic data.
  2. Understand the needs of listeners and areas of necessary improvement on the podcast.
  3. Highlight current areas of excellence on the podcast and continue to emphasize on those areas.
  4. Provide a generalized information profile about the listeners of our podcast show to potential advertisers.
  5. Potentially modifying and/or adjusting current practices of producing the podcast to meet needs of listeners.

This survey WILL NOT:

  1. Sell any personal information from any respondents to a third-party.
  2. Provide any third-party specific information regarding a specific respondent’s survey answers, UNLESS required by law.
  3. Market any products to potentially sell to participants.

Rules of the prize giveaway for completing the survey:

  1. ONE entry per person ONLY.
  2. Winners will be announced in October online and on the next following episode on KTop 10. Winners will also be notified personally through an email.
  3. Contest and survey ends on May 1, 2020 at 11:59am EST.
  5. All possible entrants will notice a confirmation page once they have completed the survey. Entrants will NOT be notified by email, UNLESS they are selected the winner. The confirmation page denotes us receiving your entry and no further action will be necessary.
  6. The winners’ first name and first letter of their last name will be announced online and on-air. By entering this contest, you give us permission to publicly acknowledge your first name and first letter of your last name on our podcast (online and on-air). This is in accordance with our privacy policy.
  7. Current and past MTI Countdowns, KTop 10 and Japan Top 10 staff ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER INTO THIS CONTEST
  8. BTS, Big Hit Entertainment or any third party companies are NOT affiliated with this contest or survey.
  9. The contest is open to any resident of any country that is not sanctioned by the governments of Canada or USA.
  10. The BTS poster will be delivered to the winner’s physical address. Prize will be sent out as soon as winner provides their address through their confirmation of winning email. MTI Countdowns is NOT responsible or liable for the delivery of the poster, though every effort will be made to ensure accuracy.
  11. In an event where the winner does not respond back to the personal email sent from us notifying their win for more than thirty (30) days, their entry will become disqualified however, a new winner will NOT be chosen.
  12. Winners of past KTop 10 or Japan Top 10 contests are not eligible to enter in for this contest. However, they are still welcome to complete the survey.
  13. There will not be any prize substitutions; prizes are final.
  14. Value of the prize is approximately $25 USD or $25 CAD.
  15. Rules of this contest may be changed, depending on our decisions, at any time during the contest period.